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The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY -Next Level Share Selection Program

Next Level The Good The Bad the Ugly Share selection the good the bad and the ugly Next Level Share Selection

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Posted 13 February 2020 - 02:44 PM

Hi Gents / Ladies


The Next Level Share Selection program is by far the best program I have worked with, bar none! It has the ability to select shares by identifying trends, monitoring support and resistance levels, using every new change in price and price direction, with other long term indicators to determine an overall future growth rate and index. The index is never wrong with the trend it chooses, and if it changed into bullish, it will always cross back over at a higher price in the future and vice versa.....no exception. This is probably the single most powerful indicator to use, but the Next Level Future Index is even more impressive.


There is so much more features, but I will get to that later. To prove how impressive this program is, I have decided to start the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY portfolio's. The GOOD portfolio will be the best selections from the program, the BAD portfolio will be the TOP40 index, which will be the benchmark, and the UGLY portfolio will be the worst selections from the program. Given time, the GOOD portfolio will outperform the TOP40 index and the UGLY portfolio will under-perform the TOP40 index. It would be the best way to prove that it's not a fluke and how good this program really is. There are 6 combinations in which order these portfolio's could finish. That gives an 83,3% chance of getting it wrong, so the challenge is on!


The starting portfolio's are based on closing prices on 12 February 2020 and start with R1 000 000. Both (GOOD and UGLY) Portfolio's are fully invested in shares as the TOP40 index. As far as possible, mostly TOP50 shares were used, but very few were available as buying options for the GOOD portfolio, so other shares in the same sector was added. The distribution and exposure of each share was determined by the program and rounded. A maximum of 15% exposure to any one share at the start was decided upon, as to not be overweight in a specific share or make the results untrustworthy.


As this is more from an investment perspective, there will also not be a lot of trading happening. If and when exposures need to be adjusted, I will announce a trade as to keep clarity on all changed. Trades will also be charged at a normal brokerage cost. Trades will also be limited to 5% maximum per week, should it be necessary and Buy and Sell signals require trades. (+-R50 000)


I will try and post regularly for the first 2 weeks so everyone can see how the program works and the performance/under-performance vs the BAD BOY TOP40. I will keep posting up until 3 months after which I will eat my hat if they don't finish in the order of GOOD, BAD and UGLY. But I know my hat is safe. Although 3 months is not a long time for an investor, this program has risk reward pinned down to a tee and .......ahhhh ......you will see!


I log all my findings. Attached are the Portfolio's with part of the values of the share selection program  and the log. As a rule green means bullish, long or buy, and Red means Bearish, short and sell.


Enjoy the western!






Attached File  NEXT LEVEL SHARE SELECTION-GOOD-BAD-UGLY.xlsx   26.4KB   31 downloads


Attached File  GOOD-BAD-UGLY Log.docx   1.27MB   23 downloads




PS. In the Spreadsheet you can hover over the description headings to see more information and remember there are 2 tabs.








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